white ink meaning in Chinese

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  • 白墨水
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  1. 32 most artists use white ink to highlight certain parts of your tattoo design
  2. White ink seems to work best on very light - skinned people , so it is suitable / not suitable for you
  3. Disappearing time is 1 - 7 days for blue or white ink and 2 - 14 days for pink or violet ink
    颜色有紫色、粉红色、深蓝色、白色等。紫色和粉红色一般在1 - 14天内自动消失;深蓝色和白色一般在1 - 7天内自动消失。
  4. 33 the effect of white ink differs greatly among clients , and its visibility and retention on the skin has much to do with the natural coloration of your skin

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