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  • 白冠樱
  • 惠特科姆
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  1. At the beginning of 20 century , midi boots with bootlace were becoming prevalent in us . whitcomb judson , a retired fat football player had to spend much time in putting on his boots every morning . to ease the laborious work , he managed to invent a zip - fastener , which allowed him to put on his shoes just in a few seconds . this is the naissance of zipper in the world
    拉链的发明可追溯到19世纪末20世纪初,有位美国退休的足球运动员贾德森,他是个头脑聪明的大胖子。那时流行穿绑鞋带的中长筒皮靴。这对他那双大脚来说实在是一件不容易的事,每天早晨他总是费了很大的功夫,才完成穿鞋的"壮举" 。

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