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[ (h)wɛə ] Pronunciation:   "where" in a sentence   "where" meaning
  • adv.
    1.〔疑问〕在哪里,向哪里;哪里;在哪一点上。 W- is my hat 我的帽子在哪里? W- are you looking 你在看哪里? W- does it concern us 这在哪一点上和我们有关系? W- is the sense of it 这有什么意义? (= There is no sense in it)。
    2.〔关系,有先行词〕 the place where they sing 他们唱歌的地方。 I came to Lond+More...
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  1. The book does not say where he was born .
  2. Sorry , i do not know where she lives .
  3. You must stay where you can not be seen .
  4. Why, jon, where did you spring from ?
  5. The gate where he was leaning grew grey .

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