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[ weit ] Pronunciation:   "wait" in a sentence   "wait" meaning
1.等,等候,等待 (for)。
2.服侍,伺候。 This can wait. 这个不急。vt.
等待;〔口语〕耽搁,拖延。 Don't wait dinner for me. 晚饭不要等我。 W- a moment! 等一等。 be kept waiting 一直等着。 keep sb. waiting = make sb. wait 叫人等着。 wait at [〔美国〕 on] table 侍候(用膳)。 wait for 等;等待。 W- for+More...
  • on wait on:    侍候照顾
  • wait for:    等待某人; 等候,等待; 埋伏等待
  • wait on:    服侍(某人); 服侍, 招待, 拜访 ...
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  1. I had to wait a full hour for the bus .
  2. Wait a moment , let me give you a demonstration .
  3. Wait a minute, i have a bone to pick with you .
  4. He waited a moment and cleared his throat .
  5. Waiting any longer could be even more dangerous .

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