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  • 【物理学】强[响]度级。
  • volume:    n. 1.卷,册;书籍;【历史】书卷 ...
  • level:    n. 1.水平仪,水准仪;水准测量。 ...
  • level 1 volume:    第1级卷
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  1. Balance ? the volume level relationship between musical elements
  2. The volume level should not be turned up to the point of distortion
  3. Today ' s music electronics are good enough not to insist on constantly high volume levels
    今天的音乐电子学非常好? ?不要不变地坚持高的音量电平。
  4. Differences in signal intensity between handset speaker and handset mic . cause imbalance in volume level
  5. They can then use predications of future volume levels to identify high - cost and low - cost actions

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