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  1. The novel entitled the miserable was written by an eminent french writer , victor hugo
  2. The frenchman , victor hugo , wrote his novel les miserables about a poor man who stole a loaf of bread to keep from hunger
    法国作家,维克多雨果写了一部小说《悲惨世界》 。写了一个贫苦的饥饿难当的偷了一块面包的农民。
  3. Mr fogg and his party had time to pay a visit to salt lake city , connected with ogden by a branch road ; and they spent two hours in this strikingly american town , built on the pattern of other cities of the union , like a checker - board , with the sombre sadness of right angles as victor hugo expresses it
    这样一次游览只需要两小时就够了。这座城的建筑设计完全和其他的美国城市一样,整个城市象是一个方方正正的大棋盘,街道又直又长,街口的转角真是象维克多雨果所形容的那样,都是“忧郁悲怆的街角” 。

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