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  • 阿尼切贝
  • victor:    n. 胜利者,战胜者。 adj. 胜 ...
  • victor:    n. 1.维克托〔男子名〕。 2.通 ...
  • bart victor:    维克托
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  1. Everton brought injury problems of their own to the pitch , and gave the strong 18 - year - old centre - forward victor anichebe his first premiership start
  2. Late goals from mikel arteta and substitute victor anichebe gave everton a well - deserved 2 - 0 victory at nurnberg which maintains their control of group a
    米克尔.阿尔特塔和替补维克托.安尼切比最后时刻的进球帮助埃弗顿在纽伦堡获得了理所应当的2 : 0胜利,并维持了他们对a组的掌控

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