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  • vi:    【化学】元素 virginium ( ...
  • vi:     VI = 1.visco ...
  • adapt vi:    适应适合
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  1. Vi a copy of the applicant s identification document
  2. Vi a new method and its proof for triangle congruence and similarity
  3. While the others experienced this in a very general way your experience is far more specific , vis a vie love
  4. Vi a temporary bus stop will be provided on lin shing road between wan tsui road and wah ha street for nwfb routes 388 and 389
    ( vi )介乎环翠道与华厦街之间的一段连城道,将设置临时巴士站,供新巴路线第388及389号使用。
  5. Vi a review of the requirements of printed copies of the booklet , hong kong in brief , has led to a decrease in the production of the publication from 15 , 000 copies in 2002 to 11 , 000 in 2003
    Vi经检讨需求后,香港概览小册的印制数量已由2002年的15 000本,减至2003年的11 000本。

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