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  • (沉积物)向上增长
  • 垂向加积
  • 竖向堆积
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  1. ( 4 ) effects of sea - level rise to the development and utilization of tiaozini sands based on the tendency of the development of the radiate sand ridges as a whole and on the developing mechanism of the tiaozini sands , developing tendency of the tiaozini sands in the future was concluded , that the vertical accretion of . the tidal flat will keep pace with the relative rise of sea - level
    ( 4 )海面上升对条子泥的影响在分析条子泥的形成和演化机制以及辐射沙洲未来总体发展趋向的基础上,对条子泥响应未来海面上升的发展趋向做了探讨,认为条子泥在未来一段时间内的淤高速率不会低于海面的上升速率。
  2. ( 5 ) discussion at last , some cases mentioned in the paper but have not been well resolved were discussed . including the correlation between the relative sea - level rise and the tidal range widening , and the relationship between relative sea - level and atmospheric pressure , as well as the limit of tiaozini sands vertical accretion
    ( 5 )讨论论文的最后就本论文研究中发现但尚未能解决的一些问题做了讨论,包括海面上升与潮差增大的关系、海面气压与相对海面变化的关系以及条子泥淤高的极限等。

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