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  • vector:    n. 1.【数学】向量,矢量,动径。 ...
  • algorithm:    n. 【数学】算法;规则系统;演段。 ...
  • algorithms:    算法式
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  1. New multi - class support vector algorithm and its application in fault diagnosis
  2. The mathematical model of attitude solving algorithm on high dynamic aircraft was established , and the method which used rotation vector algorithm to solve attitude angle was discussed , and the method was compared with quaternion
  3. Then as to the disadvantage of the tss native algorithms we bring for word a new algorithms which is bit vector algorithms base on rule length and the result of program show the performance of new algorithms is better than the native one
  4. Introduce the traditional two samples rotation vector algorithm and three samples rotation vector algorithm , which fit the incremental angular condition . but , the output of fiber optic gyro is angular rate of the vehicle , the error would increase serious if use traditional algorithm
  5. Reference to mpeg - 7 standards , mainly researches feature extracting schemes of video visual information . it includes histogram refinement in rgb color space , histogram in hsv color space , color coherence vectors algorithm and homogeneous texture descriptor extraction algorithm
    论文中主要研究的视觉特征提取方法有: rgb颜色空间的改进直方图法、 hsv颜色空间的直方图统计、颜色相关向量法和提取同类纹理描述符算法。

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