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  • vector:    n. 1.【数学】向量,矢量,动径。 ...
  • addition:    n. 1.附加,追加;附加物。 2. ...
  • addition of vector:    矢量加法; 向量加法
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  1. It should be clear that vector addition is commutative .
  2. Performs vector addition on the two specified
  3. This tests your knowledge of the principles of vector addition and the summation of forces around a point
  4. The coordinate transformation rules , the combination characteristic of the transfer function are discussed . the solution procedure of series mechanical system is deduced by applying dual - vector addition and matrix multiplication . and the mathematical models are obtained
  5. As a result , the concept of state space for conceptual design of mechanical system is presented , which is new to the literature , based on the set of all state vectors . meanwhile , the properties of state vectors , which are vectors addition , constant multiplying , reversible driving , zero vectors , are discussed in state space . secondly , the dual - vector is introduced to descript the essential relation among the input and output characteristic vectors as well as sms

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