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  • vaccine:    adj. 牛痘的;预防疫苗的;种痘的 ...
  • break:    vt. (broke, 〔古语〕 b ...
  • be on the break:    分手了
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  1. The comparison of meq gene sequences of different pathotypes of marek ' s disease virus meq genes of different pathotypes of marek ' s disease virus ( mdv ) were amplified , in the whole opening reading frame ( orf ) by polymerase chain reaction ( pcr ) technique , sequenced and compared with the published sequence of ga strain ( representing vmdv ) . cvi988 / rispens and 814 , commercial vaccine strains popularly used worldwide and in china respectively ; 648a , representing very virulent plus ( vv + mdv ) and 6 field isolates , originated from guangxi commercial chickens with visceral lymphomas and vaccine breaks , representing high pathogenic ( hpmdv ) and two of them ( g2 and n ) were proved to be vvmdv , were used
    本研究通过三个方面进行了研究,取得了如下主要实验结果: 1mdv不同致病型( pathotypes )毒株meq基因序列的比较研究应用pcr技术扩增了不同致病型mdvs ,即国际通用型疫苗毒cv1988 rispens株和中国特有的疫苗毒814株、特超强毒648a株( vv + mdv )以及6个广西分离到的野毒株共9个毒株的meq基因,进行核苷酸序列的测定并与标准强毒ga株( vmdv )进行核苷酸和氨基酸序列的比较。

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