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[ ʌp ] Pronunciation:   "up" in a sentence   "up" meaning
(superl. uppermost )
1.向[在]上,向[在]上面;向[在]被认为处于上方的地方或方面〔如河流的源头,首都,上级机构,北方等〕。 go up to the top of a hill 走上山顶。 Come up here. 上这儿来;到上边来。 I'm going up to Shenyang. 我上沈阳去。
2.(站)起;(坐)起,(从床上)起身。 She was already up. 她已经起床了。 be [stay] up +More...
  • be up:    时间到了; (时间等)到了,结束了; ...
  • be up on:    精通, 熟悉
  • be up to:    该由…负责,在于…,取决于; 胜任, ...
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  1. They had learned to give up many things .
  2. They were strolling up and down the veranda .
  3. I do not relish having to get up so early .
  4. You are up for a command, i know that .
  5. Her brother shut himself up among books .

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