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  • vt.
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  1. Then will the eyes of the blind be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped
  2. My missing for you is like clouds floating in the sky and like unstopped flowing water
  3. In the morning we went up to the village and bought a wire rat - trap and fetched it down , and unstopped the best rat - hole , and in about an hour we had fifteen of the bulliest kind of ones ; and then we took it and put it in a safe place under aunt sally s bed
  4. As the fast development of the economy and technology , the 21th enterprises facing the new non - consistency competition environment , including the unstopped tendency of world economy globalization , the speedy developed innovation of technology , and the highly changed desire of the otherness client etc . those set a new standard for the management and operation of the chinese enterprises . every industries of china took specific measures to keep the step of the whole world
    随着信息经济和技术突飞猛进的发展, 21世纪企业面临着“非连贯性”的新竞争环境,包括锐不可挡的经济全球化趋势、飞速发展的技术变革和创新、以及迅速变化的差异化顾客需求等;这些都给中国企业的管理和运作提出了新的要求,国内各行业也相应采取了许多具体措施。

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