unleash the beast meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "unleash the beast" in a sentence
  • 把野兽从禁制中解放
  • unleash:    vt. 1.解开…的皮带[链索]。 ...
  • beast:    n. 1.动物;(与鸟、鱼相对而说的 ...
  • of the beast:    狂兽


  1. Unleash the beast inside you
  2. Unleash the beast
  3. Where only one can emerge victorious , the warriors will do whatever they have to . . . even if it means unleashing the beast inside
    这里只有无所不用其极的勇士才可获得胜利. . .他们甚至会释放出体内的兽性变身。

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