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  1. The rebels defiantly welcomed new allies and laid plans for unionization campaigns .
  2. The director of the corporation offered a compromise that would have halted the progress of unionization .
  3. They had to take the tactics of unionization and collective bargaining so as to protect their rights and interests
  4. 3 . the concept retrieval method based on unionization has been put forward and studied . xmarc theme classification has been researched and designed by the theme category index
    3 .提出了xmarc主题分类与主题词族的,体化概念检索方法,研究了抽取主题范畴模式以实现主题分类检索,通过语义知诊沐
  5. But because of the different opinions in faculty and the veto by court of justice , it ' s a regret that the strategy of unionization and collective bargaining of faculty was defeated finally

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