underclothes meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "underclothes" in a sentence
  • n.
    〔pl.〕 内衣裤,衬衣裤;汗衫,贴身衣。 ★可用 many 修饰,但不可与数字连用。


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  1. I had stacked my shirts and underclothes in two empty drawers .
  2. Women ' s underclothes are a common fetish
  3. I dab out my underclothes every day
  4. Then it was hot irons and underclothes till six o clock , at which time joe shook his head dubiously
  5. Joe watched , with bulging eyes , a few shirts and several changes of underclothes come out of the box , followed by books , and more books

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