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  • UGT, ugt
    = urgent 〔美国〕〔电报用语〕急电。


  1. Liver is the main organ for drug metabolism , it nearly have all ugt isozymes
  2. Now transgenic cell lines that express the protein encoded by ugt gene were broadly used instead of liver microsomes . the enzyme expressed in cell lines helps to realize the function of a specific gene and will provide direct information related to the isozyme interested
    ‘为解决上述问题,国际上人们己经广泛采用建立各种ugt转基因细胞系的方式试验,在明确基因构成的倩况下直接获得由特定基因所表达的ugt同工酶, fi什对性地研究该酶对药物的代谢作用。

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