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  • 乌德
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  1. Fourth , the use producer gas generator may improve the worker to work obviously the environment , reduces the labor intensity , since therefore being published deeply uder ' s welcome
  2. The outcome depends on whether our many units function better or worse by being part of a larger enterprise and whether capital allocation improves or deteriorates when it is uder the direction of a holding company
  3. At last , the effect of the steel yield strenth , the yield - to - ultimate stress ratio , the shape and size of the access hole is researched . in conclusion , the finite - elenent model and the program adoped in this paper can well similate the response of beam - to - cloumn connections uder cyclic load
  4. Abstract : on the basis of the atmosphere - crop - soil systems , the synthetical production potentiality model of the grain crops is established in guizhou , the concept of crop increase production potentiality index is posed , the prospects of the synthetical increase production potentialities of crop uder the present and future circumstances are analysed

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