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  1. The thesis takes core family as the object of study , starting with the basic theory of architecture , using the method of architectural programming , combining the other research , according to the results of dwelling conditions on - the - spot investigation , it then discusses the life character , life style , and dwelling requirement existing in core family . specially , it discusses the design according , the standard of scale , the ubiety of space and the tendency of dwelling space design about bed room , living room , kitchen and repast space . it also discusses the usable area and the space organize pattern of the dwelling size , emphasizes the economy , applicability and uncertainty of dwelling space
    本文以核心家庭(夫妇+ 1个孩子)为研究对象,从建筑学的基本理论出发,运用建筑计划学的研究方法,在研究、分析了大量国内外相关文献资料并进行一定实际调研的基础上,结合其他相关理论和已有的研究成果,分析阐述了当前核心家庭的生活特点、生活方式和居住需求,重点探讨了卧室、起居空间、厨房、就餐空间的设计依据、量化标准、空间位置关系以及空间设计的发展趋势,并对住宅套型空间的面积指标、组织模式进行了分析探讨,强调了居住空间的经济性、适用性和模糊性,通过优秀的实例、设计、改造对结论进一步验证。

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