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  • 类型论, 类型理论
  • 逻辑类型
  • type:    n. 1.型,类型,(工业产品的)品 ...
  • theory:    n. 1.理论,学理,原理。 2.学 ...
  • s type theory:    乔施类型理论; 杨施的类型理论
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  1. The handling of faults in the originals with newmark ' s text type theory is analyzed
  2. Application of statistical idea and the triple - type theory in the scientific research of biomedicine
  3. Lastly , the problem of software evolution caused by introducing agent model is studied based on an architecture description language named c2 adl and software architecture type theory
  4. A new approach to domain - specific reasoning is presented that is based on a type - theoretic logical framework but does not require the user to be an expert in type theory
    本文提出一种新的基于类型理论逻辑框架lf的特定论域推理途径lftop 。在此途径下,用户可以不必是类型理论方面的专家。
  5. Thus , the complexity of the logical framework is hidden but the benefits of using type theory and its related tools are retained , such as precision and machine - checkable proofs

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