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  • 典型试验;型号测试
  • 定型试验
  • 类型试验
  • 型式试验
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  • type:    n. 1.型,类型,(工业产品的)品 ...
  • test:    n. 【动物;动物学】(软体类的)介 ...
  • test type:    视力标型; 视力表字型; 视力检查表 ...
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  1. The overall industry has not, to date, standardized on any particular test apparatus design for any of the three type tests .
  2. And the 1 0 best girls from the typing test
  3. Engineering machinery redcer type test method
  4. Fume cupboards - part 3 : type test methods
  5. Type test regulation for agriculture tractors

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