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(复数为Type T's)T型性格(的人),爱冒险和追求刺激(的人)。
  • type:    n. 1.型,类型,(工业产品的)品 ...
  • t:    中世纪罗马数字的160。
  • -type:    后缀 = type: prototy ...
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  1. Products oil seals standard seal t type t type
  2. Vertical bucket elevator . bucket , type t . parameters dimensions
    垂直斗式提升机. t型料斗参数尺寸
  3. Property since all items of type t are guaranteed to be either an
  4. An array of the type t is declared and assigned values by using the method push
  5. Commercial vehicles and buses ; cross - tooth gearbox flanges , type t ; identical with iso 8667 : 1992
    商用车辆和大客车. t型十字齿齿轮箱法兰

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