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[ tə:n ] Pronunciation:   "turn" in a sentence
  • vt.
    1.转,转动,旋转,使转弯;移动,拨动,触动。 turn a wheel 转动轮子。 turn the tap 拧塞子,旋龙头。 He will not turn a finger to help. 他不会略费力气帮一点忙。
    2.转过去,绕过去;【军事】迂回(敌人侧面)。 turn the corner 转弯,拐弯儿。
    3.翻转过来做(衣服等);翻(书页);折(边等);弄卷(刀口);挖翻(土地);倒转,翻倒,倒置,颠倒;【印刷】倒植。 turn an +More...
  • for a turn:    短期快速投机买卖, 赚取价格波动的差 ...
  • in turn:    按顺序; 反过来;转而; 回答; 进 ...
  • in turn (for):    作为……的报酬


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  1. Do you wish to turn me into a plutocrat ?
  2. The child 's condition took a favourable turn ...
  3. He turned to that soft eboe woman .
  4. The wheels of government never stop turning .
  5. They then turned into air, and vanished .

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