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  • trustee:    n. 受信托人,受托人;保管人;受托 ...
  • fee:    n. 1.报酬;薪水;公费;手续费; ...
  • s fee:    代理人费
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  1. Trustee fee , guarantor fee and cost of establishment of the fund will be charged upfront at the inception of the fund
  2. Where a constituent fund invests in an approved poold investment fund managed by the investment manager and where the trustee acts as trustee , no management fee or trustee fee will be charged on such approved pooled investment fund
    5 % ;而投资于由投资经理管理及由受托人担任信托人之核准汇集投资基金将无须支付该基金之管理及受托人费用。

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