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  1. By the mixing of sodium sulfide and sodium molybdate within a suitable ph range , molybdenum trisulfide particles were obtained as precipitation substance
  2. Then the molybdenum disulfide nanoparticles which size was in the range of 20 - 30 nm were prepared by the desulfuration of molybdenum trisulfide if taking hydrogen as a protection atmosphere at some temperature . the mos2 nanoparticles were then characterized by x - ray diffraction and transmission electron microscope . the mos2 nanoparticles and commercial common mos2 particles ( c . a
    将干燥后的三硫化钼粉末在氢气保护气氛条件下,加热脱硫得到粒径在20 30nm之间的纳米二硫化钼颗粒,用x射线衍射仪( xrd )和透射电子显微镜( tem )对二硫化钼纳米颗粒进行了表征。

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