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横向,横截;横轴;横骨;横墙;【解剖学】横肌 (=transverse muscle)。adj.
横向的,横切的,横断的;向横活动的。 transverse artery 【解剖学】横动脉。 transverse colon 【解剖学】横结肠。 transverse process 【解剖学】横突。 transverse section 横切面。 transverse wave 横波。 transverse illumination 横向照明[照度]。 tr+More...
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  1. Such waves are called transverse waves .
  2. The main girders support i-section transverse ribs .
  3. Transverse bracing was installed between the two shafts .
  4. The transverse nerves pass to the spiracles of their segment .
  5. Transverse bars may migrate down-stream relatively rapidly .

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