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[ trænz'mitə ] Pronunciation:   "transmitter" in a sentence   "transmitter" meaning
传送者;传达者;寄交者;传导物;遗传者;【无线电】发送机;发射机;发报机;送话机,话筒;【火箭】发射机。 hit the transmitter 〔美国〕播送。 an inset transmitter 送话器盒,炭精盒。 a light-beam transmitter 光束扫描发射机。 television transmitter 电视发射机。
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  1. The mosquito is a transmitter of disease .
  2. They live within range of the transmitter .
  3. There is no distant transmitter to telecast the scene .
  4. The microphone, you see, acts much like a telephone transmitter .
  5. The transmitter is wired for up-scale thermocouple burn-out protection .

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