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[ trænz'miʃən ] Pronunciation:   "transmission" in a sentence   "transmission" meaning
  • n.
    递送;传递;传达;传染;移转;【机械工程】传动;传递;变速器;联动机件;【无线电】传送;发射;播送;通话;传输;【物理学】发射,发送;透射;传导;【生,医】遗传;传染。 beam transmission 定向发射,束射发送。 directive transmission 定向发射。 transmission oil 润滑油。adj.
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  1. Opacity is the reciprocal of transmission .
  2. The letter was delayed in transmission .
  3. That concludes our programme for this transmission ...
  4. A squirrel runs along on a transmission line .
  5. Animals may serve as a vehicle for viral transmission .

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