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  • 转位(替换),移转
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  1. Alloy wheels leather seats automatic - transmissio
  2. Sunroof alloy wheels power front leather seats automatic - transmissio
  3. Sunroof alloy wheels power dual leather seats hid lamps automatic - transmissio
  4. Abstract : this paper introduces a way to measure the wear mosa ic content of lubrication oil in auto transmission system gear device by a new type of magnetic resistance sensor , the wear degree of gear device in transmissio n system can be monitored in this way
  5. Shanghai jianhao hydraulic transmissio manufacturing co . , ltd . ( jianhao ltd ) mainly manufactures the mechanical equipment for locomotive that are hydraulic transmission boxes , torque divider boxes , railway stamping machines , spindle gearboxes etc . . we have the competent to develop , design , manufacture and install special gearboxes and driving pears

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