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[ ˌtrænsfə'meiʃən ] Pronunciation:   "transformation" in a sentence   "transformation" meaning
  • n.
    转变,变化;变形;【生物学】(尤指昆虫的)转化,变态,改造,改革;变质;【数学】变换;【电学】变压;【化学】(原子结构等)蜕变;〔商店用语〕(女用)假发。 socialist transformation 社会主义改造。n.
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  1. We carry out a transformation to spherical polar coordinates .
  2. On the average, such transformations balance out .
  3. Energy transformations go on constantly, all about us .
  4. The physical origin of the gauge transformation is a mystery .
  5. Such energy transformation is also known as energy degradation .

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