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  • 传输格式
  • 传送格式
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  1. Procedure of initialization assignment describes the transformat ion of ms from idle mode to dedicated mode , which is a typical example of timeslot aloha protocol
    初始化接入过程描述了ms从空闲模式到专用模式的转换,接入过程是典型的“时隙aloha ”协议的应用。
  2. We studied the huston - kane method of multibody system theory by the means of differentiable geometry . and point out that huston - kane method can be fully imbedded into lagrange ' s mechanics . huston - kane method is only a transformat
    10 、使用微分几何理论研究了多体系统理论的huston kane方法,指出多体系统理论的huston kane方法完全可以嵌入到lagrange力学体系中,前者只是lagrangc动力学方程的变形。

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