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  • 短跑式出发
  • track:    n. 1.轨迹,轮迹,航迹,痕迹;〔 ...
  • start:    START =Strategic A ...
  • start track:    起点轨段
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  1. The running start takes its name from track start
  2. 3 . track starting address
    3 .轨道开始地址
  3. The physical sector number of the track starting address shall be equivalent to or less than 1d000h . see fig . 1
    轨道开始地址的物理扇区编号是1d000h以下参照图1 。
  4. To improve stability of pca access and enhance recording reliability by defining the following track starting address as a recommendation to implement for dvd - r rw discs that have no clearly defined track starting address
    对于没有清楚地规定轨道开始地址的dvd - r rw光盘,根据下列规定的轨道开始地址,以提高访问pca区域的稳定性,提高刻录的可靠性。

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