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  • 磁道间距
  • 磁迹空隙
  • 航路间隔
  • 航线间距
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  • track:    n. 1.轨迹,轮迹,航迹,痕迹;〔 ...
  • spacing:    n. 1.(留)间隔,间距。 2.【 ...
  • spacing track:    间隔磁道; 间隔道
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  1. Question 1 : can the track spacing be adjusted
  2. As well as telescopes , radar is also being used to track space junk
  3. Fixed railway installations . signalling . fixed indicator bracket for reduced track spacing
  4. Answer 9 : structural columns can be built between main lien and arrival and departure line , but not between main lines . the column shall meet the requirement of track spacing
  5. The greater amount of information stored on a dvd is chiefly due to the smaller pit size and tighter track spacing , but another factor comes into play , namely compression

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