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  • 路轨底板;路轨地台
  • track:    n. 1.轨迹,轮迹,航迹,痕迹;〔 ...
  • slab:    adj. 〔古语〕浓稠的,黏的,半流 ...
  • slab track slab-track:    板式轨道
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  1. Hot - rolled steel sections for track slab
  2. The technics involves the fixing of track slab , the fixing of side midule and affusing technics for ca mortar mixture
  3. It has been reported that the alignment of the kowloon southern link ( ksl ) proposed by the kowloon - canton railway corporation ( kcrc ) is 50 metres away from the hong kong cultural centre ( hkcc ) , and that kcrc will provide a special double - floating track slab inside the tunnel sections along salisbury road to ensure that the facilities of the adjacent hkcc do not suffer noise or vibration in excess of statutory limits

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