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  • n.
    塔,楼塔;城堡;碉堡;要害地;〔罕用语〕(负伤鸟的)笔直向上飞;〔美国〕铁路信号所。 a bell tower 钟楼。 a keep tower 城楼。 a martello tower 【历史】海岸圆炮塔。 a watch tower 望楼。 a water tower 给水塔;(水库泄水口的)水塔。 the T- (of London) 伦敦塔。 tower and town 〔诗〕有人家的地方。 tower of ivory 象牙塔。 tower+More...
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  1. His big body towers over the others .
  2. The tower collapsed in a heap of ruin .
  3. Then they broke out the towering mountains .
  4. The towers are surfaced with steel plates .
  5. The towers are 170 ft above the caisson .

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