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  • n.
    毛巾;〔美国〕擦脸[手]纸 (=paper towel )。 a lead towel 〔俚语〕子弹。 an oaken towel 〔古、俚〕棍棒。 throw [toss] in the towel 【拳击】承认打败;认输,投降。vt.,vi.
    (〔英国〕 -ll-) 用毛巾擦;〔俚语〕殴打。 towel away at one's face 拿毛巾擦脸。 towel oneself 拿毛巾擦身体。
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  1. Some so-and-so has pinched my towel .
  2. The servant sopped up the water with a towel .
  3. Yolles wiped his hands on a paper towel .
  4. She had given her face a dab with a wet towel .
  5. Roll up a carpet , a map , a towel

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