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总计的(金额等);全部的;完全的(失明等),绝对的(禁酒等)。 a total history 通史,全史。 a total war 全面战争。 total defence 全面防御。 the sum total 总额。 total output 总产量。 total weight 总重(量)。 total color blindness 全色盲。 total abstinence 绝对禁酒。 a total recall 〔美国〕完整的回忆(能力)。+More...
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  1. I am under almost total control of hormones .
  2. Small extra costs all swell the total .
  3. The garden was in a state of total neglect .
  4. You are lucky your car hasn't been totaled .
  5. In short, it's in total confidence .

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