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  • 工具及工模
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  1. Analyzes and resolves or assists tool and die makers in solving progressive metal stamping tooling issues
  2. P & t precision , specialize in sheet metal stamping tool and die casting mould fabrication
  3. Marbach , worldwide specialist for tools in the packaging field : marbach die cutting technology delivers dies for the folding box , carton and corrugated industry , marbach tool and die manufacturing produces thermoforming tools for food packages
    折叠纸盒模具的伙伴? ?马尔巴赫公司是全球著名的能同时提供平压平模切和圆压圆模切工具以及烫金和压凹凸工具的厂商,同时,也可以提供热成型工具及配套产品。
  4. Dongguan chorbr tool measuring co . , ltd is operating states department of various brands of machine tools , measuring tool and die parts , machine tool accessories , industrial oil , abrasive abrasive , magnetic tool and die steel , and hand tools , electric tools , pneumatic tools and machining center tools and other products company

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