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  • n.
    1.吨〔(a)重量单位,英吨=2,240磅 (=long ton= gross ton),美吨 =2,000磅 (=short ton),中国通用的公吨 =1,000公斤 (= metric ton)。(b)商船注册的容积单位 =100立方英尺 (=register ton=net ton)。(c)特定货物装载单位:木材(等)=40立方英尺,石料=16立方英尺,煤=49 bushels, 小麦=20 bushels, 盐 =42 bushels, 葡萄+More...
  • -ton:    后缀 都市,城市:Hampton.
  • s'ton:    S'ton =Southampton ...
  • ton of:    大量, 许多
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  1. The yearly output approximates to 500,000 tons .
  2. The weight of this steel plate is one ton .
  3. Tons of literature flooded the town .
  4. There is a chance to dispose of another 100 tons .
  5. This port can handle up to 40,000,000 tons of cargo a year .

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