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Pronunciation:   "to stabilize prices" in a sentence
  • 稳定价格
  • stabilize:    vt. 使稳定;使安定;使固定。 v ...
  • price:    n. 1.价格,价钱;市价;代价;费 ...
  • stabilize prices:    平抑价格; 稳定物价
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  1. They are taking measures to stabilize prices
  2. This could also have big implications for global soft commodity prices , as china may increase its imports of grain in order to stabilize prices in the domestic market
    据预计,秋季作物的总种植面积约为11亿亩( 15亩约合1公顷) ,比去年增加600万亩,但其中的3370万亩良田已严重遭受淮河水灾。

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