to dredge meaning in Chinese

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  • 疏浚
  • dredge:    vt. (烹调时)把面粉撒(在食物上 ...
  • dredge:    n. 1.疏浚机,挖泥机;挖泥船;捕 ...
  • dredge; dredge net:    桁网
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  1. Ritter also explained how to dredge information from local newspaper .
  2. They have to dredge the canal so that ships can use it
  3. Why try to dredge up such unpleasant little things
  4. Unfortuenatelly , it is easy enough for anyone to dredge up bad memories
  5. Clinical exploration of warming yang to dredge collaterals in treatment of chronic bronchitis by acupuncture

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