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  • 索取利息
  • charge:    vt. 1.填;装(子弹);充(电) ...
  • interest:    n. 1.利害关系,利害;〔常pl. ...
  • interest charge:    利息费用
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  1. 4 if payment is not made on the due date the company shall be entitled to charge interest on the amount outstanding at the rate of 7 % above the base lending rate from time to time of barclays bank plc from the due date until the outstanding amount is paid in full
    如果报酬未能按时支付,公司应有权按照超过巴克莱银行变动基本贷款利率7 %的利率对拖付款额收取利息,从应付款之日算起,至拖付款全部付清为止。
  2. If the full rental amount has not been paid by party b within 10 days of its due date , then party a reserves the right to charge interest from the fifteenth day after the due date ( or such later date which is 7 calendar days after written notice by party a to party b of the overdue rent ) at 1 % of the monthly rental per day , equal to rmb , until the rental and accrued interest is received
    若乙方在付款日后的十天内仍未将租金付清,甲方有权在第十一天起(或自甲方向乙方发出催款通知书起七个工作日后) ,每天收取相当月租金的1 %的利息,计人民币元,直至租金付清。

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