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  • vi.
    疲倦,累 (with) 厌倦 (of)。vt.
    使疲倦;使厌倦。 Walking soon tires me. 我一走路就累。 She never tires of speaking English. 她讲起英语来从不厌倦。 tire down 把…追赶到跑不动,使疲惫到精疲力尽,逐渐微弱。 tire out =tireto death 使疲倦到极度 (I am tired out. 我累得要死,十分疲倦)。n.
    轮箍;轮胎。 a pneumatic tir+More...
  • are tire:    备用轮胎
  • tire of:    弄走; 讨厌,对…感到厌倦或腻味; ...
  • adhesion tire:    抗滑轮胎; 雪泥轮胎
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  1. However tired you may be , you must do it ...
  2. Owing to jet lag, i left so tired .
  3. Go to bed. you look tired out .
  4. He was tired to such a degree that he fainted ...
  5. Buying tires has become confusing .

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