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Pronunciation:   "times and seasons" in a sentence
  • 时代与季节
  • 时间和季节
  • times:    Times , The (英国)泰晤 ...
  • season:    n. 1.季;季节;〔美国〕雨季。 ...
  • at seasons:    时时, 不时地
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  1. As to the marquis de chouard , he was watching for times and seasons
  2. Heaven signifies night and day , cold and heat , times and seasons
  3. He changes times and seasons ; he sets up kings and deposes them . he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning
  4. In accordance with the time and season , spring has come ; if you do not have that spring in wuhan , called it a good summer
  5. To such , not only the morning watch and the hours of stated devotion , but all times and seasons will witness an attitude of intercession that refuses to let god go until he crowns his workers with victory
    对这班人来说,他们不仅守晨更且每天定时的祷告,更是随时随刻作代祷的见证,他们从不放过神,直至神为他们戴上得胜的冠冕。 ”

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