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  • 蒂比
  • 蒂维
  • 提比
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  1. Et tibi redetur votum in jerusalem
  2. Subcutanea malleoli tibi
  3. Sulcus malleoli tibi
  4. Copper - nanosized tibi composites were prepared by in - situ process . the microstructure , mechanical and electrical properties , and dry sliding wear behavior and electric sliding wear of cu - nanosized tib _ 2 in - situ composites was investigated ; mostly task as follows : the thermodynamic data for the reactions between b and ti in the molten liquid of copper were analyzed , the copper matrix composites reinforced by in - situ tibi nanoparticles were prepared by reactions of 8263 , carbon and titanium in copper - titanium melt , and copper - titanium , copper - boron in alloy melt , respectively , which controlled the reaction temperature , reaction time and solidification process . the rnicrostructure and mechanical and electrical properties of the in - situ composites were investigated by using optics microscope , tem and xrd
    本文采用原位反应法制备了cu -纳米tib _ 2原位复合材料,在此基础上分析了原位复合材料的微结构,进行了干滑动摩擦磨损和电接触滑动磨损实验,完成的主要工作如下:从热力学的角度出发,分析了陶瓷tib _ 2颗粒在铜基体中原位生成的热力学条件,并用电解铜、工业纯钛、 b _ 2o _ 3 、 c (还原剂)以及cu - ti 、 cu - b等合金为原料,通过控制适当的反应温度、反应时间和快速凝固等工艺手段,制备了cu -纳米tib2原位复合材料。
  5. The results showed that the in - situ formed tibi particles which had a size of about 50nm , exhibited a homogenous dispersion in the copper matrix . moreover , the interface between the nanoscale particles and the copper matrix was clean , and there was no certain location relationship . due to their reinforcement , the tensile strength and hardness of the in - situ cu - tib _ 2 nanocomposite significantly improved
    通过光学显微镜、 tem 、 xrd等对cu - tib2原位复合材料进行了金相组织、微结构分析,原位复合材料的铸态金相组织中弥散分布着团簇状的tib2颗粒;形变态金相组织中tib2颗粒呈纤维状排列; tem观察表明:在基体内存在着尺寸约为50nm 、弥散分布的tib2颗粒,且tib2颗粒与基体之间界面清晰,但由于tib2结构与铜晶体结构的差别较大, tib2颗粒与基体之间无固定的位向关系;纳米tib对铜基体有良好的增强作用。

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