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【音乐】长音阶七唱名的第七音 (= si)。n.
【植物;植物学】铁树 (Cordyline terminalis) 〔产于玻里尼西亚和澳大利亚〕。
Ti =【化学】 titanium.
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  1. But , lord , tis for thee , for thy coming we wait ,
  2. What is serving god ? tis doing good to man
  3. Tis her hair falling down , said another
    “是她的头发散下来了, ”另外一个人说。
  4. And now tis on y saturday , and he gone away
    “今天是星期六,难道他就走了吗? ”
  5. Tis true without lying , certain most true

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