this christmas meaning in Chinese

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  • 今年圣诞节
  • 我的圣诞老公
  • 相聚圣诞
  • this:    pron. 〔指示代词〕 1.这,这 ...
  • christmas:    n. 圣诞节〔12月25日。略写作 ...
  • at christmas:    圣诞节时; 在圣诞节; 在月初
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  1. There are many things i'd like to say at this christmas time .
  2. Immediately what little romantic glamour this christmas homecoming had held for her was dissipated .
  3. All of you are shepherds this christmas season
  4. " i suggest we go to norway this christmas .
  5. My arms are wide open for you this christmas

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