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  • 塞萨利
  • 色萨利区


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  1. And if my man wins ? - we will leave thessaly for good
    -如果我的人赢了呢? -我们就永远撤离塞萨利
  2. The ruler of thessaly carries this scepter
  3. We ' ll leave thessaly for good
  4. " he served in india , discovered a mine in thessaly , and comes to paris to establish a mineral water - cure at auteuil .
    “他在印度服过兵役,在塞萨利发现了一个银矿,到巴黎来是想在欧特伊村建立一所温泉疗养院。 ”
  5. While in that service he had discovered a silver mine in the mountains of thessaly , but he had been careful to conceal it from every one

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