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[ ði:, ði; ðə, ð ] Pronunciation:   "the" in a sentence
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    1.〔用单数普通名词代表它的一类时(所谓代表的单数)〕 (a) 〔表示动植物等的种类,种属〕: T- horse is useful to man. ★man 和 woman 除与 child, boy, girl 等对照应用外,代表单数不用 the: Man has tamed the horse. (b) 〔the +单数普通名词,则指出其功能,属性等使具抽象性〕:pleasant to the eye +More...


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  1. The poor student was plucked in his examination ...
  2. Our side compounded the problem .
  3. England flourished under the tudors .
  4. The resulting radiation is known as airglow .
  5. A stormy applause broke out in the hall .

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